The top rated online tools for entrepreneurs and business owners 2020

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We have searched for the top rated online tools used by business owners and entrepreneurs. Here is a list of the most used online tools by successful business owners.

Starting and growing your business can be quite challenging if you do not have the right tools. Use these online tools to save time and focus your energy on reaching potential clients. In this blog we explore online tools many business owners cannot live without.

Online tools to manage your business finances

Financial management is one of the most important functions in your business. The day to day financial operations for small business owners includes many tasks.

Day to day financial management tasks include; quotations, invoices, receipts, managing cash flow,  analysing income & expenses, banking, payroll and reviewing financial reports.

Business financial management will be easier when using accounting software. Here are a few online tools to consider when looking for accounting software to manage your business finances.

Wave Apps 

Intuit QuickBooks

Sage Online


Keeping your registered business compliant

Bizportal and Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) are the starting point of business compliance for business owners and entrepreneurs. 

A registered business is required to pay an annual fee called “annual returns”. Paying annual returns keeps your registered business active and prevents business de-registration. To get more information and submit your annual returns simply visit CIPC website.

Firstly, you need to register as a customer on the CIPC website. 

Secondly, check your business registration status each year and ensure you make annual return payments, here is the step by step guide from CIPC.

B-BBEE certificate, apply online on the CIPC website. Learn how in the step by step guide provided by CIPC. The certificate is free, valid for 12 months and issued within 24 hours.

Online project management tools

Managing numerous projects is normal for business owners. The right tools will make your project and team management processes more efficient. 

Consider these online tools for project and team management:




Developing a professional business plan

Writing your first business plan can be quite intimidating if you do not have experience. The main challenges experienced by most small business owners is the cash flow projection and financial statements. 

Business plan software provides a structured approach to help you draft a professional business plan. Business plan software does not replace the need to do research and find facts supporting your business. However, if you combine your research with one of these tools you could have a winning business plan.

Consider using these two options to help you draft a winning business plan Enloop and LivePlan.

Saving, sharing and backing up your business documents

Your most important business documents should be available anywhere, at any time, on all your devices.  Consider using cloud storage options; Google Drive and Dropbox for online storage and backups. Also download the mobile apps on your mobile devices, this way your business documents are always available.


Business online presence and digital marketing tools

Marketing your business should include developing a strong online presence to showcase your business, engage with your clients, attract new customers and grow your online community. 

Numerous digital marketing tools are available to help you develop an online marketing strategy.  In most cases you have the option to use a free trial before making a long-term financial commitment.

Here are a few options to consider:

BuzzSumo  – content marketing research

Hootsuite – social media management

Wix – create a business website

MailChimp – email marketing

Setting up professional business email

Email is a provides professional online communication with clients and potential customers.  Ensure you have a registered domain with email addresses for your business and team.

Options to consider:

Office 365

G Suite


Enjoy trying out these tools to help you manage and grow your business.

Looking for more online tools for business owners visit –

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