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Developing the skills needed to grow a business and helping you get your business online 


Entrepreneurship training programmes and workshops. Free tutorials on our YouTube Channel


Business growth assessments, coaching and mentoring services to keep your business growing

Get your business online

Web Design, social media management, social media content creation services. Helping you grow your business online.

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Entrepreneurship training and online support for entrepreneurs and business owners

Entrepreneurs | Learn | Grow | Get your business online in South Africa

Entrepreneurship Training

Training programmes and workshops focused on helping entrepreneurs and business owners grow a profitable business

Free Tutorials on YouTube

Visit our YouTube Channel for free tips, tools and tutorials to help you grow your business.

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Online resources for business owners by J29 Business Simplified South Africa


Running your business can be so much easier when you have business templates. Visit our resources page for free business templates.

Get your business online

Can potential clients find your business online? Contact us to get started with your website and social media strategy. 

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"Professional - that would be the single word which describes my service experience".
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"The speed of support and attention to detail received from J29 Business Simplified is phenomenal".
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"Pure dedication and innovation is exactly what you receive from J29 Business Simplified".
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